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Crowns are Long-Lasting & Can be Placed in One Visit

Crowns are tooth-shaped covers that are constructed to go over a tooth that has been damaged or decayed and may be necessary when extensive decay prevents filling the tooth because the filling would be too big and would compromize the structural integrity of the remaining tooth.

The traditional process for making a crown involves taking an impression of the existing tooth with a rubber-like material, and then sending the impression to a dental lab to fabricate the replacement. This process may take a week or more, so in the meantime, a temporary crown is created of plastic that can be worn for a short period of time until the permanent crown has been prepared. This process requires two office visits and several sets of impressions to be made.

Dr. Molinar uses a state of the art solution called CEREC that can be used to complete your crown in just one office visit, eliminating the need for a temporary crown. The CEREC process involves fabricating the tooth directly in the office while you wait. For more details, please take a look at our CEREC page.

Crowns are fabricated to look just like a tooth and can be made from several different types of metal, porcelain bonded to metal, or all porcelain. They normally last at least seven years, although in many cases, they may last considerably longer.