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What is CEREC?

Basically, CEREC is a complex, state of the art dental technology that Dr. Molinar uses to complete a dental restoration in one office visit.

Exam and Evaluation

Dr. Molinar will first conduct an examination of your tooth to determine whether repairs can be done with a filling, or if a crown is required. He then prepares the tooth by numbing the area and removing any decay that may exist. This step is the same as in a conventional restoration.

How does CEREC Work?

3D Optical Impression Next, Dr. Molinar will take a 3D optical impression of your tooth by spraying it with a thin layer of blue anti-reflective powder that can be specially ‘read’ by a 3D imaging camera and uploaded to the CEREC computer. This process replaces the classical rubbery pink mud that must be bitten into until hard that has traditionally been used to take impressions in the past.

Design and Fabrication

In the next step, Dr. Molinar works with the CEREC machine to create the restoration. The machine uses the pictures taken of your teeth in the previous step and generates a 3D model of it that Dr. Molinar can view on the monitor and design your restoration. Once he is satisfied with the shape and integration with the rest of the teeth on the CEREC machine, Dr. Molinar selects a block of ceramic material that matches the color of your teeth, and places it in the milling machine. He then simply sends the design to the milling machine where your restoration is completed.

This technology is a significant technological advance because it elliminates the need for an external lab to fabricate the crown which in turn means there is no need for a temporary crown and a return office visit to finalize the procedure.