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Get a Cosmetic Smile Makeover… Look & Feel Better!

What is a Smile Makeover?

Generally speaking, a smile makeover is a process focused on re-building certain aspects of your mouth in order to provide you with straighter, more attractive smile.

Many people are self conscious about the appearance of their smiles due to existing dental work, lack of straightness, whiteness, or teeth that are simply missing. We understand the impact that a less than perfect smile can have in a society where appearance is important, and are accomplished at developing solutions that you can live with.

What Happens During a Smile Makeover?

We will determine the steps to improving your appearance which, depending on what you need, may include re-positioning of teeth to fill gaps, replacement of missing teeth, or other procedures to treat the teeth and gums.

How Long Will it Take?

The complexity of your treatment plan will determine the length of time required to complete your makeover. We will work with you to set a timeline that is managable and as predictable as it can be.