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Periodontal Disease… Diagnosis Comes First

The presence of any of the symptoms described in the Periodontal Disease page may be the sign of a serious problem that you should have checked by Dr. Molinar as soon as possible. As part of Dr. Molinar’s examination, he will:

  • Investigate your medical history and assess risk factors
  • Examine your gums for inflammation
  • Probe the areas between tooth and gums to measure pocket depth (typical depths should be 1-3mm at the most)
  • Possibly take an x-ray to check for bone loss

As a result of your examination, Dr. Molinar may assess that you have:

  • No problem
  • Gingivitis – general irritation of the gums (early stage condition)
  • Periodontitis – deep pockets around teeth, inflammation, gum recession, bone loss (later stage condition)